torsdag 18. november 2010


good evening
time for some updates..

the biggest news (although somewhat old for those who follow me on FB) is that I had a chance to work with a real model and a makeup artist, for the first time. The lucky girls were Jeanette Mathisen and Sølvi Strifeldt - besides shooting we made a real mess in my friend's living-room and generally had a great time together. The plan was a series of 3 images but I failed miserably, as for now only 2 are ready (you can see them below) and the third one is in the progress (or regress.. i'm not sure).. Another thing I carried out of this project is the understanding of how badly I need to upgrade my equipment - eos 20D and natural light can barely cut it these days.. Both Jeanette and Sølvi seemed to be happy with the final result, and that naturally makes me happy too.

backstage: me and Jeanette

backstage: mess-making

i've also been featured in a couple of online magazines - Musetouch and a spanish one, not so sure about its name since the site is called Capacitarte and the actual cover of the mag is Incluyendo.

and last but not least i got my copy of 1x photobook "In Pursuit Of The Sublime" - i am one of the 210 photographers presented there. it's a really great high-quality compilation - check it out!

day-to-day stuff..
i take my words back about the school - it turned out to be not that bad after all.. i'm gradually mastering the intricate knowledge of site-building and i have to say that i'm loving it. feeling a bit more skilled now i've decided that it was high time to update my own site - and that's what i spend most of my free time on at the moment.. don't get too excited though - it's not gonna be the kickass new version that i promised some posts ago - i'm not that good yet .) but some refreshing changes are coming soon :)

stay tuned!