torsdag 23. september 2010

poland, holland and beinart

good evening
it's been a while, again .. *surprise surprise*

no new works but a couple of somewhat stale news that i'd like to share with you..

i've made an announcement about the group exhibition "abnormal nudes" in poznan (poland) before and i did everything in my power to actually go there personally but unfortunately it didn't happen. real pity since the show was fantastic and i missed the opportunity of meeting lots of talented people.. oh well. here's the video from the opening and you can also check out the pictures on Abnormals' facebook fan-page.

btw, anyone speaking polish? i'm really curious what the guy was talking about .. :)

the trip to holland did happen and i was lucky to work together with a great photog and a good friend of mine Peter Kemp. modelling for someone else was a totally different experience, and although i was worried sick that i won't manage to feel alright in front of someone else's camera, i think i did quite well. we got fantastic clothes from one of my most fav designers Linda Friesen, and she was kind enough to do my makeup and hair.
the shooting took all day and in the end i was really exhausted but i believe all the effort was worth it.

the result of mine, Linda's and Peter's collaboration

this one was taken by Ron Meijer, the owner of the studio we were shooting in.

and last but not least - a selection of my works has been presented on Beinart - a famous australian online gallery. neighbouring with Ray Caesar, David Ho, Seth Siro Anton, Natalie Shau, Erlend Mørk and other cool artists is more than flattering.. i'm kind of proud of myself .)

day-to-day stuff.. the school turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. i have a feeling that it was created for norwegian youngsters with stuffed bank accounts, who feel like having some relaxing and entertaining time before actually deciding what to do with their lives. the problem is that i'm far from being rich and young and i know exactly what i want, so it's a kind of a mismatch..
oslo is gradually losing its charm on me as well.. and my efforts to find a job have been unsuccessful..
bolting back home seems rather cowardly so i've decided to stick around for half a year and see if it gets any better.
on a brigther note, i've met some interesting people here and i might fulfill an exciting project in the nearest future..

stay tuned :)