onsdag 4. august 2010

Untitled.. and the big changes that are to come

so.. another looooong break.
i could give a thousand excuses but hey, who cares anyway..

first and foremost, a new image that i've been working on for the last week (yes, a quickie.. hope it's not reflected in the quality tho).. i struggled quite a while with the title but couldn't come up with any that would satisfy me, so i just left it nameless.

on a more trivial, day-to-day note - i'm moving to oslo, in a week.
about to begin my studies at norges kreative fagskole, and no, you guessed it wrong - it's not photography.. i actually went for web-design (expect a kickass new site in the nearest future ;)).. excited!

i got the tiniest apartment in the world, where it's probably possible to shoot with wide-angle only, but on the other hand it has quite a view and i'm all for experiencing the heartbeat of the big city..