onsdag 20. januar 2010

Protection II

after half a year break i came back to my "protection" series - which was supposed to be a series but never happened, since i discarded everything i made after the initial shot.
why did i come back? i have no idea. the past few months were dark. i'm guessing it all starts finding its way out now, so yes, more fingers in the eye-sockets, missing body parts and floods of blood are yet to come.
the subtitle for the second protection is "the numb and the blind", and perhaps it reveals way too much and leaves less room for interpretation.. i thought i just let it be.
Special thanks goes to my patient model Hans Sigve - imagine sitting in the cold room, blindfolded, half-naked, for hours, feeling how somebody is poking your eye out and hearing endless timer peeping and shutter clicks.

Ladies and gentleman - Protection II